Wassabi Productions

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cJiBArztwA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNS2mOsDQDM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC325XPSwRE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRqZpA1IKV4


Wassabi productions is super funny. Rolanda is so funny she thinks shes pretty Alex dose not like her. Roi plays Rolanda and Alex plays Richard and of course there self. Rolanda dose really funny videos Richard to all of them do. You should really checkout there videos.

Jojo Siwa

My favorite singer is Jojo Siwa and she is a dance mom. And one song she did i absolutely love and its called boomerang. its about Jojo and her friends standing up for a shy girl and then the shy girl also stands up for herself. And Jojo makes the mean girls nice with just one bow. If you have not seen it here it is.

Three more days with the crew

I will miss the crew so much three more days to be with each other. I’m so sad we wont see everyone for a very long time its been an honor being a part of the crew. We are all growing up and we have to move one i am so sad to see them go. But you never know we might be in the same class together i think I’m going to cry. I’ll miss you all and have a happy summer i care about each one of you.



I love to do Gymnastics it so cool lol. Its so fun if you don’t do gymnastics you should try it. Its pretty fun. Oh sorry i mean its super, super, super fun. loving it gymnastics is super fun super awesome and super amazing.



I love to dance its my passion i do it all the time. I even make up my own dance its really fun and awesome. When i dance i feel so alive its so weird right. well its the best i absolutely cant hate it its super awesome. i love doing it at party’s to omg lol amazing.


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My Clams

You won’t believe what I brought to class to share I brought clams from Willamette park. There is a river there let me tell the story so I was at Willamette park I went under the bridge yeah there is a bridge you can go under and I was with my dog Skye, mom and brother.  And my brother found clams so many clams and we had Skye’s doggy bag that she did not use so i collected clams.  And i collected 30 or 39 i got so so so so much i could not believe my eyes. And i play with clams by making them talk like hi my name is professor clam its so fun.


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I am so excited to go to universal i love it there. You should go sometime it is so nice you even can go there and inside will be a hot tub and a pool i cant remember. But i love the rides they are so fun. And there mite be a place where you can have a tour where they make movies. My favorite movie they made is monster high and harry potter.



Fight Song

My favorite song is Fight song. Its by Rachel Platten she also sang stand by you and better place. She sing’s lots and lots of song’s and i love them they are the best. She lives in Oregon here is one of her quotes ” friends pick us up when we fall down and if they cant pick us up they lie down and listen for a while”. Go on YouTube and search up fight song.




My Dogs birthday

My dog Skye her birthday is coming up on may 30th she is turning one. We are going to a lake that we went when we got Skye. I remember that last time we where there I saw a bear and it got a fish. It was really inspiring i learned a lot it was so cool. I even saw the bear standed  on both feet.

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